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5 ways to say no to a bingeOne of the biggest saboteurs of our weight loss goals is the urge to binge, so I’ve come up with “5 Ways To Say NO To A Binge,” kick it to the curb and kiss it’s sorry @r$e goodbye!

Sometimes you just can’t get a certain “naughty” food out of your mind. The more you think about it, the more you want it. And oh how easy it is just to give in and go for it.

We say all sorts of things to ourselves don’t we? “Oh it’s just one bite,” “It won’t kill me,” “Where’s the harm really?”

And sure, it may just be one bite, and it won’t kill you but it will severely harm your chances of sticking to your game plan. If you’re reaching for a goal, any one of these 3 thoughts will put distance between you and your goals.

If you think for a minute I don’t understand what it’s like to have this inner conflict, think again.

I suffered from bulimia for over 10 years and I know what it’s like to have this war of conflicting words going on in my head. One day I’ll really delve into this experience. It was so soul destroying. The deception, the hiding, the feelings of self-loathing, the insatiable desire to binge which turns into revulsion and purging. I know what it means to be held ransom to my cravings.5 ways to say no to a binge

But somewhere along the way it has to stop. If you’re caught up in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, deprivation and bingeing, highs and lows, weight loss and weight gain, self loving and self loathing, it has to stop somewhere, sometime.

And this is where a bit of tough love needs to come in. I can give you the 5 ways to say NO to a binge, but you’ve got to go through a boot camp first.

And that boot camp is about getting back to nature. You have to let your body rid itself of all the toxins it’s built up and let it know that you’re on a new, healthy, wholesome path.

So, before I give you the 5 ways to say NO to a binge, you need to do something first.

You need to commit for 2 weeks, to eat nothing but natural foods.

If you don’t know what natural foods are, here’s a general guideline for you to get an idea:

Proteins: Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Red Meat (if you must, only 2-3 times per week), Tuna, Salmon, Tofu, Egg Whites, Soy products.

Carbs: Whole grain Bread, Bagels, Cereal, Pasta & Pita, Oats, Beans, CousCous, Hummus, Lentils, Quinoa, Brown Rice.

Veges: Anything! And I mean anything! If God made it, you can eat it!

Fruits: Anything! Again, if God made it, you can eat it!

Fats: Avocado, Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil

Dairy: Skim Milk, Lo-Fat Natural Yogurt, Goat Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Soy Cheese

Snacks: Nuts, Dried Fruit, Rice Cakes, Peanut Butter, No Added Sugar Jam, Honey

Drinks: Natural Mineral Water, Green Tea, Black Tea, Coffee (with skim milk only)

Sweetener: Stevia and honey only.

I don’t care how much you eat of this stuff. Your first 2 weeks isn’t about losing weight. Your first 2 weeks is about learning how to eat naturally again. About giving your body a chance to get back on the right path.

And this is where the magic happens. After 2 weeks, your cravings for the bad stuff will be gone! You’ll be on such a natural high from getting rid of the toxins that kept you lethargic and miserable that you won’t want to go back to the way you were eating before.

So if you can do that for 2 weeks, then avoiding a binge becomes so much easier, because you’ve removed the toxins that made you crave the junk in the first place. Eating sugar makes you crave sugar.

5 ways to say no to a bingeI can’t eat one chocolate. Once I start I have to eat the whole thing. Whatever it is, a bag of cookies, a whole slab of chocolate … whatever form it came in I have to eat the whole thing. Why? Because I’ve excited something in my system that needs more of it. For me sugar is like a narcotic. It’s highly addictive. So I know that I just have to say “NO” anytime I’m offered something sugary.

And have you ever noticed how some people get offended when you knock back their sugary creations? Man that makes me so mad. They make me feel guilty because I choose to respect my health. I know how bad sugar is, so why would I consume it? Don’t get guilted into eating other people’s toxic creations. And that’s how you’ve got to look at it. It’s just a big pile of toxic sugar that is standing between you and your goal.

If you go natural for 2 weeks believe me when I tell you this, saying “NO” becomes really easy. You just won’t feel like it! So what’s out?


Alcohol, sugar, white flour, cream, and anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Think of it this way, if it comes wrapped in plastic, there’s a good chance it’s on the NO-NO list!

Now that we’ve got that sorted here are 5 ways to say NO a binge:

  1. Get busy. When the urge to binge hits, normally it’s when we’re bored. So get busy. Whether it’s doing housework, or running errands … get moving and distract yourself until the urge passes – and it will.
  2. Read a book or magazine. I find reading a book or magazine really helps when I’m feeling a little weak. It’s a great distraction and sometimes you find material in magazines that seem to just hit the right spot and uplift you and keep you focused on your goals.
  3. Pick up the phone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up the phone and called a girlfriend when I’ve felt low. Sometimes all it took was a quick 10 minute call to get me out of my funk. So make sure you have someone you can call in a time of need, a support group, a family member, a BFF … just someone who knows you, loves you and supports your goals.
  4. Work out when you tend to feel like bingeing the most and make sure you have that time period covered by an activity outside the house. Take up a class – dance, art, reading, yoga, tai chi, anything that will get you inspired and out of the house at a time that normally sees you at your weakest.
  5. Just think about your goals and ask yourself if this binge is really worth it. How will you feel after the binge? Guilty? Depressed? Sometimes it’s so hard to come back from a binge. From my experience, a binge would lead to a downward spiral of self loathing. I had to break that cycle. And it became as simple as just saying “NO.”

Take these 5 ways to say no to a binge to heart. They work. I know they do because they’re what I’ve been using to get through the past 45 days.

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