Motivation To Lose Weight | But Life Gets In The Way | 6 Ways To Stay On Track

Guess what … life is ALWAYS going to get in the way. It can’t be avoided, so let’s find ways to work around it.

motivation to lose weightI’m not going to lie to you. Your first week is going to be the biggest adjustment of all. You’re going to be looking at new foods, throwing away old favorites, exercising, and training your brain to work with you instead of against you. There’s going to be a lot going on.

But do you want to know what the good news is? As long as you have a strong motivation to lose weight and stick to it for the first week, it just gets easier from then on. So take baby steps and commit to getting through the first 7 days.

My strongest recommendation is that you take it one day at a time. Know your limitations. If you’re not ready for temptations, try not to put yourself out there. Give yourself the gift of 7 days. That’s not too much to ask is it?

And then after 7 days, you can start to get your feet wet in the real world again; work parties, social engagements, anything involving food and alcohol, but remember to keep your motivation to lose weight with you at all times.

This is what I just told a friend of mine who’s about to start the program.

“Life will always be a temptation … it’s how we deal with it that makes all the difference. The first week or so will be the biggest adjustment … so if you can just make it through the first week and see some immediate results, you’ll be stronger and more committed to your goals when you do go out. For me, giving up alcohol was the hardest. I LOVE to drink! But after one week of not drinking, I felt OK. And then when I noticed that my pants were getting looser I thought, ‘well, it’s all worth it!’ I was saving money and I was saving calories and I was loosing weight! Which is something that had eluded me forever because I was not prepared to stop drinking! Having completed my 90 days I am not ‘hanging out’ for a drink and save my drinks for the weekend. But SUN-THUR I just don’t touch it. My achievements are too important to throw away. And as soon as you’re comfortable with it, you’re friends will be too and they will respect you for your decisions. And if they don’t, well you know how I feel about that. And trust me on this … nothing tastes as good as how you’ll feel when you get into the best shape of your life. There’s nothing worth eating or drinking that can compare to how good, ‘looking good’ feels! I promise you that!”

You have to decide for yourself what’s more important. Having a great time with the girls and sabotaging your dreams, or having a great time with the girls and being true to your dreams. You can have it all … giving up poor food choices and alcohol is not a bad thing for you or your body. It’s actually one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

You don’t need crappy food and alcohol to have a great time!

Here’s a small list of things you can do to support the “new you” in social settings:

1) Out to dinner

If you’re going out to dinner, eat something mildly filling before you go out so you don’t feel like raiding the bread basket as soon as it lands on the table. I have a small bowl of Lentil Soup but you can have a Protein Shake, maybe a banana … just something that will get your mind off your tummy when you’re out. Because let’s face it, if you’re not hungry you’re not going to indulge.

2) How to order from the menu

When ordering from the menu, look for what you enjoy and then work out which is going to be the healthiest option for you.  Quite often you’ll be able to have sauces on the side which is where a lot of your hidden calories are lurking. You know what to stay away from. And you also know that you have a lot to choose from. I try to only order a main course. Dessert is definitely off my menu. I would recommend if you are a fan of dessert and can’t say no, look for fruits. Anything with sugar is going to send you down a slippery slope.

3) What to do at a party

At a party or when out at a bar, drink soda with lime wedges and have it served in a cocktail glass. It looks like a cocktail and with a bit of imagination it can even taste like a cocktail. I call it my ‘Imaginary Mojito.’ The great thing about this drink is that you can say it’s a Vodka Lime & Soda and no-one will question you.

4) Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Brush your teeth before you go out. I don’t know why but this always makes me feel like not eating.

5) How do you handle a tray of canapes? You don’t!

If you’re at a work event and a tray of canapes is being offered around, don’t even look at it. It’s not worth it. You know there’s going to be goodies on there … just look elsewhere. And be prepared. Maybe you can pack some nuts, dried fruits or crudites so if you really are peckish you have something to nibble on. Not in front of the others though as that would look weird. Sorry : )

6) Get your chatter on!

Become a great conversationalist! You’d be surprised what an effective tactic this is. Engage others in great discussions, ask them a million questions about themselves, talk a little about you and at the end of the night everyone will walk away saying, “What an interesting person she was!” When in actual fact, they did all the talking. Everyone loves a great listener. The pay off for you is that you are mentally engaged in something other than food and alcohol. You’re distracted and at the end of the night you’re as proud as punch that you stuck to your guns, your goals and your future glamorous self!

If you have any tricks that you use to keep yourself on track at social events please do let us know by commenting below. This is a big stumbling block for many so the more ideas we have the merrier we’ll be.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. As long as you have an invincible Motivation To Lose Weight you can do anything.

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