My Motivation To Lose Weight | Day 7 of P90X 90 Day Challenge | And On The 7th Day She Rests

by Erica

My motivation to lose weight faced a challenge today. It was a rest day but it was an emotional roller coaster of a day. I won’t go into details as we all have our “off” days.

motivation to lose weight

On previous attempts to diet my motivation to lose weight would evaporate and I would have used this as an excuse to reach out for the Chocolate Mallow Puffs and had a good old scoff.

But what does that really solve?

I am a great one for “stuffing down” my emotions. I think that’s why I always go for the Mallow Puffs. They’re so fluffy. I stuff a whole one in my mouth so I can hardly breathe. What would Louise Hay make of that?

And then the vicious cycle of self loathing perpetuates itself.

I have no motivation to lose weight at all when I feel like this. In the past I have always reached for the chocolate when I’m miserable to make me feel better. I feel better momentarily. A quick little sugar high. Then I crash and feel like crap. So it’s better just to feel like crap and skip the cocoa rush and just go through the crappy feelings. Because that’s where you end up again anyway!

So what to do instead?

For me, Sunday was about being true to me and loving myself and just going with the emotional upheaval in my day. I had to hold on to my motivation to lose weight because guess what??? I know that there’s always going to be some crap happening in my life at some point. That’s life!

And guess what. The crappy feelings passed and I came out the other side feeling stronger for it. My motivation to lose weight is about honesty and blogging about my journey daily. Oh, and of course I still want to look like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider at the end of 90 days ;  )

So, just a small word of advice from someone who’s going through a bit of crap right now. Stay away from the refrigerator and stay away from the pantry. There’s nothing in there that’s going to make you feel good long term. Lord knows I know that!

For 33 years I’ve been seeking comfort at the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey container. After years of digging I’ve never found it down there.

But today I did manage to find it on my balcony, just being at one with myself and my problems and knowing that “this too shall pass.” And it did.

So have you decided what YOUR motivation to lose weight is yet?

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