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“The 4 Pillars Of Weight Loss” was launched April 2012 … yeah she’s still a baby.

If you’ve read the book and have any comments you’d like to submit so that others may have a fuller understanding of what “The 4 Pillars Of Weight Loss” is all about and your experience of it please do so below.

Let’s unite in saying no to dieting and YES to getting in the best shape of our lives!

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6 thoughts on “Book Reviews”

  1. ***FIVE STARS***
    I have waited a long time for this book and finally got my copy a couple days ago. It is written very clearly, it’s easy to read and understand… and most of all it motivates me to change my lifestyle! I have no urge to eat fast food anymore. In fact, I felt repulsed today when I considered going to Wendy’s or Taco Bell or picking up a pizza. I ended up going home and cooking rice and chicken… which is unusual for me on a Friday night. Your book has literally changed my life and I already feel 20 pounds lighter than I did before I read the book. Thank you!!!

  2. I LOVED this eBook! Thanks Erica! The insight you have provided was fantastic. There are secrets in here that I have never heard of until now! Highly recommended!


    You don’t understand how much this eBook helped me. I never have to pay for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig ever again! In fact, I am going to SAVE money by using your method! The 4 Pillars of Weight Loss is also the last (and only) book I will ever have to read regarding weight loss. I am thrilled about this! Thanks a million.

    Stephanie Wilson, West Haven, CT.

  4. I purchased this eBook a few days ago and couldn’t stop reading it. I read it all, and I applied the techniques that Erica taught. I just stepped on the scale and guess what?! Guess how much weight I lost?! 7 pounds! That was only in 3 days! I am so excited right now! This is an awesome journey… thank you so much Erica! You are my angel!

  5. This is an original book for achieving weight loss goals and a healthier lifestyle. People who need a drill sergeant or personal trainer or mother to compensate for their own lack of discipline won’t like this book. It’s not intended to be an encyclopedia of nutrition. The author does not beat you over the head. She uses humor and common sense to create a one woman support group for the reader. Although it contains much good information, buying this book is not like hiring a professional nutritionist and cook to order you around. It’s like finding a friend to help you; and she is a *really good* one at that. I recommend this book if you want results.

  6. A MUST READ…..
    This ebook is practical , inspirational and is bourne from real life stories with great results. The author is passionate, believes in the power of the human mind and is able to bring all the different aspects to life style changes in one cover. What I liked best about the book are the simple practical tips on how to get the right mindset to change life time habits, her philisophy sits very comfortably with me. It’s not about fad diets, weighing scales or exercise regimes its about respecting your body and finding what motivates you to be more active. SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE………Erica is an inspiration, she enthuses positivity and I am looking forward to starting my 90 day journey with her support. For the first time in my life, I am confident in making the chnage I need to ….will keep you posted…

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