How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

how to get motivated to lose weightHow to get motivated to lose weight seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to actually losing weight. Wouldn’t you agree?

We instinctively know HOW to lose weight. It’s simple right?

Eat Fewer Calories + Burn Excess Stored Fat = Happy Slim You : )

So simple right???? Nooooooooo … I’m sad to say it’s not.

The actual execution of the formula is basic on paper … but it’s hell out in the real world isn’t it? And is the problem out in the real world, or is the problem just between our two ears???

For me, the problem was right between my ears. I couldn’t for the life of me work out HOW to get motivated to lose weight, STAY motivated to lose weight and most importantly BE motivated to lose weight.

That was UNTIL I decided to do it for someone else … and that someone else was YOU.

You see, if you’ve been following my story you know that I’ve been dieting for 33 years.

It started when I was a chubby little 10-year old and I was told that I could lose all my fat if I drank a bottle of Apple shampoo. That was my first introduction to ‘magic pills, potions, lotions and pixie dust’ that heralded my foray into 33 years of dieting merry-go-rounds, yo-yo’s and abject misery!

Connecting The Dots

I was listening to Steve Jobs Commencement speech that he gave at Stanford University and he talks about ‘connecting the dots.’

He’s referring to the fact that as you go through life you’re not quite sure how all the dots are connected looking forward, but looking backwards later in life, you see how it’s all mapped out. All the little twists and turns of life, lead you to where you are today. Even the bad twists are an important dot in your life.

As I look back now I realize that all my sad little dots, lead me to here … blogging my little heart out in the hope that I might positively affect the life of just one person.

You see, I  know I’m not alone in this bewildered state of trying to work out how to get motivated to lose weight. If I were alone, we wouldn’t have a multi-billion dollar diet industry making a fortune in profits trying to help us. And just out of curiosity, if they are so effective in their methods, why are we still battling to lose weight?

For me, I tried every diet you can imagine. If you missed the list here’s just a sample. These are my dots … and they all lead me to here.

My Breakthrough

My breakthrough came when friends I trusted tried to lure me into a revolutionary weight loss program. My little heart went ‘pitter patter’ as I once again felt that unbridled yearning to be slim, that here was finally the solution I had been looking for … finally I WOULD BE SLIM. And all I had to do was drink two shakes a day!

And then like Poseidon reigning in his horses I came to a grinding halt! My conscience was yanking me back saying, “WHAAAT??? You’re going to go through all of that again???”

I became enraged that day. Enraged that I was still battling this curse, enraged that I had let myself go so badly, enraged that I wasn’t strong enough to follow through and finally lose all the weight I wanted so I could be who I always wanted to be, enraged that up until this moment I still had not worked out how to get motivated to lose weight all by myself.

My Turning Point

And that dot in my life, lead me to making this statement. I determined that I would find a way to lose weight that did not involve dieting, that would pinpoint exactly why diet’s don’t work and had always failed me and to work out a way that did.

That was how I finally got motivated to lose weight … I didn’t do it for myself this time. I did it for YOU.

If I was just doing it for myself, I probably would have quit, again …

They say you will do more for those you love than you will ever do for yourself. So I started this journey, motivated by the lessons I could share with you and along the way. I was determined to nail this … and on Day 66 I had an epiphany and I wrote this:

When you’re dieting, that tends to be where 100% of your focus goes, right? I believe this is part of the problem. We’re focusing on sticking to something and for some of us, this is not bringing us the results we want. If we have too much time on our hands, our minds tend to wander to our ‘program.’ And from my personal experience, when I’ve been on a diet and I’ve had too much free time, sometimes I’ve driven myself nuts with a tug of war of wanting to stick to my diet and wanting to break my diet. So here’s the thing. Do you think if we were all motivated by something apart from dieting, but had healthy eating and exercise as a PART of our lives, instead of it being the WHOLE of our lives, that we might be more successful at adopting a new lifestyle? And what if that ‘something’ was about making life better for everyone in your family and not just you? Do you think you would be motivated to make a change in your life if you knew it meant you could lose weight and make a difference in the lives of those you love?

Could this in turn be the motivation to lose weight you’ve been looking for?

So this is what I want to throw out to you today. When you’re trying to work out how to get motivated to lose weight, look around you and ask yourself, who or what in my life am I prepared to do this for? My kids? My partner? My health? My career? My family? My community?

Sometimes, we will do more for those we love than we will ever do for ourselves.

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