My Motivation To Lose Weight | Day 2 of P90X 90 Day Challenge | I just want to puke!

My motivation to lose weight dwindles in a wave of nausea.

motivation to lose weight
Fat Cat's Don't Jump!

Day 2 of my P90X 90 Day Challenge is Plyometrics.

“Jump like a cat,” says Tony. Not all cats are designed to jump. I’m limping like an elephant by the end of 60 minutes. Not pretty. But hey! I didn’t quit.

My pulse is through the roof, I’m beetroot red, I feel like I’m going to faint! My motivation to lose weight is all but gone as I gasp for air! So painful to breathe right now. Seriously, I want to throw up!

But I also feel euphoric. I’ve made it through 60 minutes of Tony’s excruciatingly painful routine. So many times before I’ve lost my motivation to lose weight and quit. I’ve said, “it’s OK, I’ll make it up next time.” But I never do.

And I notice that I do this with myself a lot. I’m so disciplined when it comes to work and other people’s expectations. But when it comes to doing what’s right by me, personally, I tend to let things slide. Why would I do that?

I mentioned in a previous blog that this P90X 90 Day Challenge is not so much about the destination. It’s more about the journey and noticing the patterns that have continually thwarted my health and wellness success.

The difference this time is that my motivation to lose weight is all about honesty. I believe it’s my honesty that’s going to unravel a few mysteries for me.

Oh, and I made it through the night without a glass of wine, or a sweet scoop of Nutella. So, for 24 hours I’ve stuck with my P90X 90 Day Challenge 100%.

Off for a walk on the beach now with my Beachbody Husband.

Catch you tomorrow!

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