My Motivation To Lose Weight | Day 13 of P90X 90 Day Challenge | I Slipped Up!

My motivation to lose weight was ambushed today by half a sausage.  Allow me to explain …

motivation to lose weight
All was perfect ...

My husband and I went on a BBQ today down by the river. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, children were playing – it was just perfect.

I was armed with all my healthy food and drink choices; chicken breast infused with rosemary, mushrooms, capsicums and a Soda ‘n’ Lime Cocktail (which with enough imagination can turn into a Margarita or a Mojito!)

So what went so horribly wrong?

BBQ’d sausages are a summer tradition. You wrap them in fluffy white bread, slather them with ketchup and YUMMMMM they go down a treat. Well, I had no intention of eating sausages as they don’t form part of my healthy food plan. Goodness only knows what goes into them. But they sat there in front of me and it was like they were calling out to me, “Eat me! Eat me!” It was all too much. Too many fond memories of being a kid and scoffing them down one after another. Hence why I was such a fat kid!

motivation to lose weight
Healthy BBQ

And before I knew what was happening half a sausage had teleported itself into my mouth.

Then a couple of things happened simultaneously. I suddenly felt revolted with all the fat that was swishing around my teeth and then my brain said, “Whoa, what the ….???

But half a sausage was already gone.

So what did I make this mean?

This is where the traditional diet mentality falls down. In the past, if I had been rigidly following a regimented diet plan and “cheated” like this… game over! My motivation to lose weight would have been shattered into a million pieces. Gone in 60 seconds like my sausage!

But here’s the thing … if you slip up and eat something you know you really shouldn’t have eaten for your health’s sake, well there’s nothing around you making you wrong. You’re not accountable to anyone or any plan because you’re setting your own plan according to what is healthy for you.

So the minute that fat settled in my mouth I KNEW it wasn’t healthy and I just stopped eating it. I was in control of my choices and I chose to stop. You see, it’s all about choice. And this is what I never understood in the past. I didn’t know I had a CHOICE. I thought I was being controlled by food and had no concept of freedom of choice.

One day I’ll share with you my struggle with Bulimia. I suffered with this disease for many years. I’m not ready to talk about it yet, but I will because I believe it’s important to share. For me it started in my early teens and it had a strangulating grip on me right through to my mid-twenties. Talk about having no choice. Bulimia takes over your life and nothing exists except you and your next binge and purge. It’s crippling.

So, if you’ve ever been on a stupid diet and you’ve “cheated” and beat yourself up over it, I have only this to say: “Get Over It!!!” It’s not a big deal. No one died. So WHAT if you over-ate or ate out of sorts. So WHAT!!!

Get over it, don’t make a big deal out of it, understand WHY you did it and ask yourself if you want to do it again. Reinforce your motivation to lose weight, get back in the saddle and keep living your life. It’s no big deal. Seriously.

It’s my dream that one day we will stop beating ourselves up over the food choices we make. It’s my dream that we’ll reach a place where we WANT to eat healthily and we WANT to take a walk with our friends AS PART OF OUR NORMAL DAY.

This is why diets and strict exercise regimes don’t work. Because they’re not part of how we live our lives normally. And please don’t think I’m a hypocrite because I’m doing P90X. I’m doing P90X because I love a challenge. I chose a 90 day challenge to prove to myself that I can actually stick to something for once in my life. I’ve quit on so many things, but I’m not quitting on this. Because if I quit on this, I quit on myself and I quit on a promise I’ve made to you.

Because at the end of 90 days, I want to say with all authenticity, “If I can do this – ANYONE can do this!” I’ve been dieting for 33 years and I’ve failed at all of them. I am not failing at this. I’ve chosen a 90 day fitness challenge so that at the end of it I can incorporate challenging workouts into my life because I CHOOSE to!

So what’s YOUR motivation to lose weight? Share it with me.

We can do it together.

And if you missed what started all this read “My Motivation To Lose Weight – P90X 90 Day Challenge.”

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  1. Thanks Paula, I really appreciate your comment ; ) I think being honest about my journey will unlock many secrets. I hope that my journey will help others.
    I look forward to seeing you here again!

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