My Motivation To Lose Weight | Day 5 of P90X 90 Day Challenge | Living Whilst Dieting

My motivation to lose weight in the past has always come undone with “life” getting in the way.

So many times I’ve said to myself, “I can’t do XYZ because I’m on a diet.” I would put my life on hold whilst I immersed myself in the latest ‘fad’ diet not letting anything distract me.

motivation to lose weight
This Is Fun! NOT!!!

It’s no wonder that my motivation to lose weight would weaken and disintegrate into yet another failed diet, because I was DEPRIVING myself of LIVING! Forget the food I was depriving myself of – I was depriving myself of being alive!

And I think this is one of the biggest problems we face when we start dieting. We start cutting out so much of what we love to do, in order to focus on something we don’t love to do. Which is dieting!

So this time around, I’m choosing to find a way to incorporate ‘living’ into my P90X 90 Day Challenge.

So I went out to dinner AND a movie.

Now that may not sound like a big deal but believe me it is. Dinner always starts with Martini’s, chased down by a bottle of wine or two and some food thrown in for good measure with no consideration to calories or nutritional content. More to soak up the alcohol!

And then movies are not complete without popcorn, choc topped icecream and M&M’s. That’s a movie night.

So armed with my new motivation to lose weight being an image of Lara Croft now plastered on my fridge and as the wallpaper on Matilda (that’s my Mac), I was emboldened to venture out and keep my resolve.

And you know what? It wasn’t that hard. It’s amazing how sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lime and a sliver of imagination can taste like a Mojito. Especially if you ask for it in a cocktail glass!

And as for the movies (Sherlock Holmes – so cool!), I took a big pack of gum with me so my mouth had something to do.

You see, for me this 90 day challenge is about noticing how I sabotage myself and finding ways to circumvent that. It’s the patterns that I’ve always done that need to be broken. But first I need to be aware of them.

I also have another motivation to lose weight and it’s not just about me. It’s about everyone out there who has ever struggled with a weight problem, no matter how big or how small.

If you read my first blog¬†you know how many ridiculous ways I’ve tried to lose weight and some of the humiliations I’ve faced. There are more and as the days go by I’ll share them with you.

But my greatest sadness comes from knowing that there are so many things I won’t do because I feel I am too fat to do them.

I won’t go to the beach because the cellulite on my legs embarrasses me so much. I haven’t worn a skirt since high school because I hate the shape of my legs so much. And forget about dresses! Going into changing rooms makes me cry because I can’t fit into clothes that I think are the right size for me. I always wear baggy clothes to hide my shape. I won’t ride a bike because I am embarrassed about the size of my butt. I basically won’t do anything that requires my body to jiggle and draw attention to itself. Think of all the things that cuts out! But worst of all, is that deep down I feel like I’m not good enough because I’ve never conquered my weight problem.

And I know I’m not alone on this one.

How many of us are not living our lives fully because we suffer from issues regarding our weight?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you did lose all the weight that you think is holding you back?

Well I have. And for the first time in my life, gosh darn it, I’m REALLY GOING FOR IT!!!

That’s why I am committing to blog every single day for the next 90 days about my journey. My highs and lows will all be recorded right here. And I know there’ll be some lows. Because in the past my motivation to lose weight normally fades around week 3. I find some excuse to quit and promise to try again later.

But this time is different. I am committed to following my P90X 90 Day Challenge to the letter. No cheating on any accounts. And if per chance I do cheat, then I have to blog about it.

But my motivation to lose weight is morphing into a deep longing to prove that for once and for all, I CAN DO THIS! And if I DO do this, then ANYONE CAN!

And at the end of 90 days, when I’ve got my results I’m going to find a way to reach as many people as I can and help them get the results they’ve always wanted as well.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any stories you’d like to share please leave a comment below. I’d love to know your motivation to lose weight.

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See you tomorrow.




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