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Motivation to lose weight can be the hardest thing to find. Sometimes, it’s hard to find because deep down we have a belief that we can’t do it any way, so what’s the point?

motivation picture to lose weightI want you to meet Andrew. At the age of 31 Andrew was dangerously pushing 400lbs.

“How did he get there?” you may ask.

A daily diet of junk food; burgers, pies, crisps and chocolate all washed down with litres of Coke lead to his downfall. In his words, “I led a life of convenience.”

All that changed however after a visit to the doctor. He’d started to become constantly thirsty and was always needing to go to the bathroom … life was becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Then the doctor delivered the shocking news.

Andrew had Type-2 Diabetes. This is no walk in the park! Believe me.

The first thing Andrew did was cut out sugar! Nothing else – and he dropped 10kg.

But, he kept eating junk food and exercise was as foreign to him as eating mung beans and alfalfa sprouts.

After a year of this he was still overweight. He got mad and he said to himself, ‘I’ve had enough!”

He went through his diet with a fine tooth comb and got rid of all the junk. He started walking a bit, and then hit the gym 4 nights a week. To his amazement, ‘the weight just peeled off.’

And look at him now …

motivation to lose weightAndrew lost a whopping 200lbs … by NOT dieting!

People he’d known his whole life didn’t recognize him. Can you see why?

He says that as wonderful as it is to be fit and trim, the real joy for him is how energetic he now feels. He’s active and moving and getting things done.

And do you want to know the best part about his weight loss? He has his diabetes in control. His blood sugar is pumping at healthy levels and his doctor is super impressed with his journey.

His advice

… “it’s not as hard as you think. If people knew how easy it is to lose weight they’d start straight away … you can eat normal foods and live a normal life … it’s not a sacrifice … I had tried shake diets before … they don’t work because they don’t teach you about nutrition and eating properly. Knowledge gives you the tools to lose the weight and keep it off.”

Finding YOUR motivation to lose weight is about digging deep.

Andrew decided he just couldn’t live his life like this anymore … and look at him now.

Finding your motivation to lose weight is easier than you think.

Give me 90 days and I’ll get you to where you want to be.

Just click “like” … that’s your first step to committing to living your life on your terms, under your own steam … for you!

Again, just click “like.”

I have one week to go on my own personal P90X 90 day challenge …

And I have a dream …

I have a dream that there will come a time, when millions of women and men around the world will release themselves from the shackles of the multi-billion dollar diet industry, and empower themselves to get in the best shape of their lives, under their own steam and their own motivation.

Imagine yourself finally free of being addicted to headlines that promise so much and yet deliver so little.

Imagine yourself walking tall, strong and proud because you know you’ve finally found the secret to losing weight, and it was inside you all along. You just needed the key to unlock it.

Imagine yourself free to enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of, on your terms, forever more.

Just imagine that.

I wonder how different your world would look if you just had the secret of how to do this … all on your own.

Stay glued to my post … I have 7 days to go … everything I’ve learned I am going to share with you … here.

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