Motivation To Lose Weight | Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

“Why can’t I lose weight?”

There were times when I used to cry myself to sleep asking this question over and over again. “Why can’t I lose weight when I’m doing everything they tell me I’m supposed to be doing?”

It just didn’t make any sense. If I was following the program to the letter why wasn’t I losing weight?

why can't i lose weightThis is me in the midst of my dieting dramas.

I had everything tested; hormones, food allergies, inflamation … you name it, I tested it.

But there was one thing they couldn’t test me for … and that was belief.

When I really got down to it, I simply didn’t believe that I could lose weight. I believed it was possible for everyone else, but not me.

The minute I started to BELIEVE that I could lose all the weight I wanted, it started to happen for me.

This is just one of the “4 Pillars Of Weight Loss” that enabled me to finally, after being overweight for 33 years, allow me to lose all the weight I wanted – WITHOUT DIETING!

This is me today.why can't i lose weight

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This is unlike any other diet book you will ever read. And one of the reasons for this is that I am a REAL person who has experienced REAL pain when it comes to the subject of losing weight. I KNOW this subject inside out! I’ve failed at every diet ever put on the market. And now I know WHY I failed.

They were all too hard and complicated.

So I decided I would have to find a new way to lose weight that wasn’t complicated, that didn’t involve weighing myself or my food, or measuring myself or my food … and I came up with some intriguing findings.

Losing weight is a lot easier than it’s made out to be.

Conquer a few key strategies and you’ve got this nailed! You will never again have to ask, “Why can’t I lose weight?” because you will have all the secrets.

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Your dieting merry-go-round stops here.


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2 thoughts on “Motivation To Lose Weight | Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

  1. For successful weight loss exercise is the effective solution, schedule your exercise program. If you are busy in your work and you don’t have time for exercise then do some physical activities.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      So true. Even general housework can burn some energy! Walking the dog … even carrying the kids around can be considered physical activity. As long as you’re moving and aware of what you’re eating … you’re on the right path.

      No magic pills, potions, lotions or pixie dust necessary!

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