My Motivation To Lose Weight | 9 Courses And Still On Track | Day 22 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weightI talk a good talk about my motivation to lose weight and how important it is to stay the course. But I fully respect how easy it is for the wheels to come off.

My  motivation to lose weight took on a massive challenge tonight.

My husband and I were invited to dine at a speciality restaurant that is prized for it’s 9 course Degustation Menu with Wine Pairing. My heart sank when I heard of the invitation for a couple of reasons.

Obviously the first reason was because I knew that it would be so hard to resist all the exotic concoctions available on the menu and all paired with exquisite wines.

But secondly and more importantly, I know that sometimes other people find it awkward to dine with people who have, shall we say, “special dietary needs.” I know how annoying it is to sit with someone who only picks at a lettuce leaf all night long.

So how was I going to enjoy such an evening, stick to my game plan and not make other people feel uncomfortable in the process?

Well the first thing I did was ring ahead and ask if it was possible to only have white meat. “Not a problem!”

The second thing I did was determine in advance that I was going to have such a great time, and be so witty and conversational that no-one would even notice that I was only sipping sparkling mineral water.

So I went in with the right attitude.


And I think this is half the battle, wouldn’t you agree?

I have challenged myself to get in the best shape of my life. And my motivation to lose weight needs to be stronger than any temptation that crosses my path. It has to be. Life will always get in the way. Half the reason we fail with diets is that they are so regimented and difficult to maintain when life throws a party, or a dinner or a picnic! It’s going to happen … so have a game plan in hand for when it does, and commit to having a great time.

So how did the dinner go? Superbly, thanks for asking :  )

First course: Two Jumbo Oysters from the Marlborough Sounds. Ooooh – so good!

Second course: Two thin slices of Big Eye Tuna

Third course: A smidge of Snapper Fillet

Fourth course: Scampi in a Seaweed Roll

Fifth course: Organic Free-Range Chicken

Sixth course: A Medley of Pork

Seventh course: An offering from the Cheese Trolley

Eight course: Chilled Watermelon Soup

Ninth course: A Chocolate Fondue that I could only gaze at with lust.

All paired with a different glass of bubbles, wine, port and after dinner drinks.

Now if my motivation to lose weight can stand up to all of that … we are making serious progress here.

And this is the message I leave you with on day 22 of my 90 day challenge:

I don’t know what your reasons are for getting into the current state you’re in. But I do know if you’re reading this blog, then you’re reaching out for help in one way or another. My journey here is about finding ways to break the patterns that keep us stuck in our vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and finding a way for us all to lose weight once and for all, keep it off and never diet again.

My philosophy is simple. Throw away the scales, the tape measure, the junk food in the pantry and the refrigerator, the diet books, the calorie counters and anything else that is related to the traditional methods of losing weight.

Instead, find a motivation to lose weight that is stronger than that which you cherish most. Form an eating plan around the concept of “If God didn’t make it – don’t eat it!”And lastly, find an exercise that gets you pumped!

P90X 90 day challengeAnd the reason behind my philosophy is simple. If you can get back to nature and wean yourself off of our toxic, chemically laden and treated foods, you’re going to FEEL BETTER! When you FEEL BETTER you’re going to see the world in a different light. When you FEEL BETTER you’re going to WANT to move your body more. When you find an exercise that you enjoy doing, there’s an excellent chance you’re going to keep doing it. And before you know it, you’re looking gorgeous, you’re healthy and most importantly you’re HAPPY. Probably for the first time in a long time. If losing weight is really important to you, you MUST find your own motivation to lose weight and hold it sacred above all temptations.

This is what I want for you:

I want you to get to a place where you leap out of bed in the mornings, thank God for all your blessings, nurture your body with life giving foods and bound out the door with a spring in your step as if you’re walking on sunshine. You deserve that. Don’t you?

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P.S. This journey started with one blog. CLICK HERE and you’ll understand what this 90 day challenge is all about. Diets don’t work. So this time I’m doing it all natural. No calorie counting, no bathroom scales, no tape measures, just healthy eating, doing exercises I enjoy and making my 90 day challenge fit around my life, not the other way around.



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