My Motivation To Lose Weight | Day 4 of P90X 90 Day Challenge | Twisted Triangle What???

motivation to lose weightI have an added motivation to lose weight. I want to look like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Ridiculous! Unrealistic? I don’t care!

She’s gorgeous! My motivation to lose weight ratcheted up a notch watching Angelina Jolie fly through the air and sommersault her way through the entire movie.

motivation to lose weightWhen I was younger I wanted to look like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. So much so that when I had my 30th birthday party I had my head photo-shopped onto her body and sent that out as the invitation. Looked pretty hot at the time! I even paid a personal trainer $75/hr to get me into shape. Didn’t happen. Another waste of money in a vain effort to lose weight and look amazing! Do you see any themes running though my role models? Looks like I just wanna kick butt and take no prisoners.

So today is Day 4 of my P90X 90 Day Challenge.

I recall in the past that Yoga was not my favorite part of the program and it’s still not.

Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Tree … my favorite is Corpse! At the end, exhausted and giddy I lay on the floor in a half dream like state. Actually for 60 seconds I did fall asleep and I had the weirdest vision of a man in a black cape. Don’t ask me what it means. I have no clue. My husband actually came over to make sure I was OK. So cute.

For me so far, the biggest challenge is actually the exercise itself. I really thought it would be the wine and the food. But I haven’t craved a glass of wine. Well, yes I’ve thought about how lovely it would be to sit out on the balcony overlooking the ocean having a chilled glass of Wither Hills Sav.

Our summer evenings are becoming quite heavenly. But I find a chilled glass of St Pellegrino with a dash of lime is quite refreshing! And to keep the Nutella Monster at bay I try and stay busy at night.

I think in the past one of the greatest things to sabotage my motivation to lose weight was getting bored in the evenings. I would snack out of boredom. And if I’d been drinking a glass or two of wine, then all motivation to lose weight flew right off the balcony. So quitting the wine, has reduced the cravings and the bingeing. Now all I need to do is keep being busy at night.

I’m still in incredible pain. My legs and my arms especially. I know this will pass as my body adapts to the routines. And then just when I get used to it all I know that the plan changes. Tony is so clever isn’t he? Just when your body gets used to something he goes and changes it all around so you can go and get all sore again ;  )

It’s all good. My motivation to lose weight is stronger than ever right now.

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A little love goes a long way ;  )


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