My Motivation To Lose Weight is Back Thanks To Yoga | Day 50 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weightIf you ever lose your motivation to lose weight and you want to get out of a funk, do Yoga.

If you’ve been keeping up with the past few blogs you’ll know that I had a break in concentration. I wasn’t focussed on my motivation to lose weight, I over indulged, started feeling guilty and thought I was heading into a downward spiral of depression.

So I decided it was time to call in the big dogs – Upward Dog, Downward Dog and all their friends. After 90 minutes of ‘being at one with myself’ my motivation to lose weight was fired up and I was back on purpose.

I meditate during Yoga. Don’t know if you’re supposed to but I do most of my Yoga with my eyes shut and I just drift away. And in my meditation the yin yang symbol appeared (and yes, it was purple) and all of a sudden it all made sense.

I’ve been looking at my food challenges as good and evil. But they’re not. Every challenge is simply a lesson to be learned. The yin yang of life is not about positives and negatives, it’s about complementary opposites co-existing. Night and day. Hot and cold. Male and female. One is neither good nor evil – they just ‘are.’

So for all these years I’ve been labeling my eating behaviors as good and evil. When in actual fact they were neither.

There’s something about Yoga. It allows me to love myself and my body, to respect it’s boundaries and marvel at it’s potential. I can’t speak highly enough of it’s therapeutic benefits. Plus you can count on Yoga for weight loss.

If you’re in a funk and you’re trying to get your motivation to lose weight back, try Yoga. It’s a rush.

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