Need Motivation To Lose Weight | Magic Pills, Potions, Lotions and Pixie Dust | The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need … I promise

Need Motivation To Lose Weight?

Are you sick and tired of reaching for magazines that have headlines revealing a revolutionary new way to lose weight only to find out that they’re promoting another range of magic pills, potions, lotions and pixie dust that have secret ingredients sourced from ancient mystics deep in the Amazon jungle,  GUARANTEED TO DROP 15 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS!

My darlings! It’s all rubbish!

How do I know? Because I’ve bought every single one of them … desperately hoping that this one would be the last “revolutionary solution” I would ever need to finally rid myself of all of my excess baggage.

I know you. I know your pain … because I share your pain. I am you.

If you are sick and tired of all of the bullsh!t that gets sold to you by the diet industry join me on my Facebook Fanpage, post your outrage about how the diet industry has failed you time and time again, and join me in giving the finger to the diet industry.

I will show you how to EMPOWER YOURSELF, to do this yourself, without the need of magic pills, potions, lotions and pixie dust.

I will show you how to take back control of your own life and finally overcome your battle to lose weight forever.

I will show you how you can GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE without ever buying another fad diet program of pills, potions, lotions and pixie dust ever again.

How do I know I can show you how to do all of this?

need motivation to lose weightBecause This Is How I Looked Just 11 Weeks Ago!

Chunky arms that flap in the wind.

A muffin top that gives a Starbucks Double Choc Muffin a run for it’s money.

And I don’t even have the guts to show you my chunky thighs and butt that embody the strength and circumference of an oak tree!

11 weeks ago I got really mad … because yet another weight loss company was being shoved in my face as the revolutionary new way to finally lose weight and keep it off forever. And I had suffered drastic consequences at the hands of a similar weight loss company in the past.

I got so mad … that I said, “NEVER AGAIN!”

And I set out on a journey to prove that I could lose weight WITHOUT DIETING, WITHOUT TAKING MAGIC PILLS, POTIONS, LOTIONS AND PIXIE DUST.

And I promised, that when I did that … I would share it with the world.

Here I Am Today.

I did this in just 11 weeks.need motivation to lose weight

Do you now believe that I can help you get in the best shape of your life?

If you need motivation to lose weight, just look at these before and after pictures.

And I still have 2 weeks to go …

I Have A Dream …

I have a dream that there will come a time, when millions of women around the world will release themselves from the shackles of the multi-billion dollar diet industry, and empower themselves to get in the best shape of their lives, under their own steam and their own motivation.

Imagine yourself finally free of being addicted to headlines that promise so much and yet deliver so little.

Imagine yourself walking tall, strong and proud because you know you’ve finally found the secret to losing weight, and it was inside you all along. You just needed the key to unlock it.

Imagine yourself free to enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of, on your terms, forever more.

Just imagine that.

I wonder how different your world would look if you just had the secret of how to do thisall on your own.

Let Me Tell You A Quick Story

my story … I started dieting at the age of 10 by swallowing a bottle of Apple Shampoo. Someone told me I could lose weight fast. All I did was lose my dinner, breakfast and lunch – nothing more!

I dieted all through my teens; the brown bread diet, the yogurt diet, the cabbage soup diet. You name it, I tried it.

By the time I was in my 20’s I’d moved on to paid diet programs. I tried Herbablife, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Gloria Marshall and a whole heap more.

My angst at never being able to lose weight lead me into a decade long dangerous dance with bulimia. I truly believed I had found a magical way to lose weight. My 20’s were the most miserable years of my life. Pretending to be happy when I was dying inside, weighing in at over 200lbs. Can you relate?

In my 30’s I started to educate myself on health, nutrition and exercise … but this decade was filled with parties … so knowledge without action is nothing but a whole lot of useless information really. If you’re not using it … really it’s just useless to you.

So here I am in my 40’s … on a mission to kick this insidious diet industry right where it hurts and get YOU motivated to lose weight and get YOU in the best shape of your life by teaching you the tricks of the trade that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know about.

So if you seriously want to lose weight and keep it off forever … just leave me a comment underneath saying …YES I AM READY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF FOREVER … go ahead … just write this in the comments below and LET’S START A MOVEMENT!

I’m getting ready to reveal my secrets and take you all on a beautiful journey … a journey back to who you always wanted to be … who you’ve always been … I’m ready to take you back to YOU!

You ready? Just type, “I’M READY!” GO ON  … it’ll make You Feel Good : = )

It’s the first step for you to lose weight and keep it off forever … Just type, “I’M READY!” And type it like YOU MEAN IT.




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76 thoughts on “Need Motivation To Lose Weight | Magic Pills, Potions, Lotions and Pixie Dust | The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need … I promise”

    1. Hi Irfan,
      Yes, being a healthy body weight does give you more confidence.
      But being your healthy body weight comes from respecting your body. So once you’ve managed to get yourself to that place where you love and respect your body, everything else just falls into place … naturally. There’s no fighting any more, it just becomes natural and normal to eat well and exercise … that’s the magic right there.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Look forward to seeing you again.

  1. You are so right it is about motivation rather than wonder pills, there is no secret success to losing weight as a lot of it is about your inner self and your power. I am ready to join you on this road to success.

    1. Hi David,
      It’s so nice to meet you and you are right on the money.
      The diet industry makes it’s billions by seeding us with the notion that we don’t have the technology to lose weight ourselves. That we NEED their magic pills, potions, lotions and pixie dust to achieve something that is by nature, natural.
      Your inner self and personal power are all you need to do this … plus a little coaching along the way.
      Great to meet you!
      See you on the road ahead : )

    1. Hi Kamal,
      If you’re looking for the answers to getting in the best shape of your life, you’ll find honest answers here.
      My goal is to get every one of my readers who joins me on this journey over the finish line … no matter how long it takes.
      My goal is to make losing weight achievable and permanent, without the help of the diet industry.
      We can all do this without them.
      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again.

  2. A lot of people are just looking for motives to lose weight; this article is very interesting about this topic. I think that it could be useful to a lot of people!

    1. Hi Michael,
      Wow, this post has really hit a lot of hot buttons with the men … who knew?
      Thanks for your comment … and I agree, a lot of people are searching for their motives to lose weight … that’s the first step on this journey.
      Once that’s nailed, the journey begins.
      See you again!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      We’re getting ready to launch. You will never, ever need to diet again after this.
      See you soon!

    1. Soooooo good to hear Melanie,
      I am living proof that the diet industry has no interest in actually getting us to lose weight permanently.
      Fads are temporary … people are catching on … it’s time to get permanent results … WITHOUT dieting ; )
      Will be back with you real soon!

  3. It is insane how obesity is such a prevailing problem in America. Some times people need move out of their comfort zone and this is just one method used to do so despite how they maybe abusing the show for its lucrative ends. Anyway, I’m in!

    1. Great to hear Cherry – let’s start a movement of women who say NO to the diet industry.
      We can do this without them!
      I know it – I’m living proof of it.
      You’ve just got to get mad enough : )

    1. Hi GamerGirl,
      You are so sweet – thank you : )
      It’s taken me a long time to get here … still have to pinch myself that it’s all real!
      Now I just need to spread the love and get as many people as I can on the same wave length.
      No more diets!!!
      Thanks again!

    1. Hi Kim … when is your summer vacation?
      If you’re in a hurry, drop processed foods and sugar straight away and you’ll be off to a running start with your weight loss.
      Everything I’ve learned over the past 90 days will be revealed very soon!
      You’ll have all the information you need to get this done, once and for all.
      Great to have you here!

  4. You are PHENOMENAL!!!
    I worship the non-dieting ground that you walk on!!!
    Stay just as fabulous as you are!!
    xxx melissa

  5. Hey everyone! Who else besides me is ready?! LOL

    I really love this site. Thanks for all the motivation 😀

  6. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you SO much!
    Is awesome to have you here … just working on the final touches now!
    Am so ready to get this thing off the ground!!!
    Stayed tuned!!!

    1. This all seems so exciting! You have NO idea how ready I am to drop at least 25 lbs! If you can help me do this… omg… I would be forever grateful. You have NO idea! – Ashley

      1. Hi Ashley,
        It is so totally do-able.
        I promise, if you follow what I’ve learned, you will easily lose 25lbs.
        You’ve just got to get your motivation to lose weight in place first, then everything else will work.
        Catch you soon!

  7. I love your blogpost! I find this very helpful and informative. Thanks for motivating us. Now, I’m READY!

    1. Glad to hear it Mary Kate .. and thank you for your kind words.
      We’re kicking it off real soon … just putting the final touches together and then we can all say no to the diet industry forever!
      Will be back with you real soon!

    1. Hi Katy,
      Don’t be worried any more. I am going to teach you everything you need to know about getting healthy and staying that way for life – OK?
      Just hang in there …

  8. “I’M READY!”

    let’s kick some weight!
    nice share erica =)
    looking forward for more exciting motivation and inspiration’s articles…

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much – we’re going to kick so much weight to the curb – STARTING NEXT WEEK!
      Great to have you along.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      No-one likes to diet. That’s why they don’t work.
      I’ll be teaching you exactly how to lose all the weight you want by never dieting again.
      Chat soon!

    1. Hi Claire,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I really do appreciate them …
      So looking forward to sharing this journey with you : )

    1. Hi Breanna,
      Great to see you here … I really appreciate you stopping by. And your Garlicky Chicken Sandwich sounds absolutely delicious! Yum!
      So many dieters don’t realize that they can lose weight by eating gorgeous food! I think it’s when we deprive ourselves by eating cardboard that we get totally depressed and quit.
      And never give up … I never really believed I could do it .. and I just did … I never thought I would get here but I did … if you ever need an encouraging word just drop me a line!
      Chat to you again soon!

  9. It was right that when we are motivated, we can do things to achieve a certain goal. Just like in losing weight, motivation is very important since it was not just a one day process and needs self control.

    1. Hi Ashley,
      You have nailed it right there. It’s all about motivation. If we don’t have that, we don’t have anything to fall back on when things get tough. And things will always get tough. That’s life. You’ve got to accept there will be highs and lows. But during the lows, it’s your motivation to lose weight that will keep you going.
      Great to have you here!

  10. I’M READY.. Yeahh!! very true, stay as you are. you look great.. staying slim boosts our confidence. I am very much ready to start the movement.

    1. Awesome Laura,
      Great to have you here and thank you so much for your compliment. It means a lot to me.
      Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

  11. hi Erica !! seriously its an awesome article !!!! you have done a superb work !!
    now even I could say that – YES! I AM READY TO LOOSE !!!!

    1. Fantastic Jillian!
      Thanks for your kind feedback. I really appreciate it : )
      The journey starts real soon … get ready for the ride!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Start off by getting rid of all of the processed foods in your diet, get rid of the junk food, fast food and sugar and the rest will fall into place.
      When’s your wedding?

  12. Hey! I’m kinda new here but I’m ready and I wanted to wish everyone luck who is also ready! Let’s lose some weight!

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