My Motivation To Lose Weight | P90X 90 Day Challenge

My motivation to lose weight comes from being sick and tired of making excuses for putting off authentically enjoying life to the fullest.

Oct 2011 - Apt 3DMy motivation to lose weight comes from being sick and tired of feeling as if I live my life on the fringes as opposed to in the midst of it all.

To give you a little background, I’ve been trying to lose the same 50 pounds for 33 years.

My motivation to lose weight started in school when a boy told me I was fat. So I swallowed a bottle of Apple Shampoo. Don’t ask me now why, but back in the day, it the latest craze for weight loss.

I just found a diary entry I wrote 10 years ago:

“It’s hard to believe that after 23 years of dieting I still haven’t achieved that elusive perfect body. After 23 years I am still waiting to start my life. How sad is it that I believe I need to be thin to be successful and happy? How many things do I chose not to do because I’m not thin? But where is my motivation to lose weight?”

I don’t know how you found this page, but if you’re reading this now I bet there’s a fair chance that you and I share a few common stories. You too are looking to find your motivation to lose weight. I pray that you find your motivation to lose weight here with me.

Let me share with you a few of the stupidest and most embarrassing things I’ve ever done to try and lose weight. Maybe you’ve done a few of them too. In no particular order …

1. My motivation to lose weight has seen me tie black garbage bags around my thighs believing I could sweat my fat off.

2. I’ve swallowed copious amounts of Chitosan believing that it would adhere to any fat that I ate and would be eliminated immediately.

My Motivation To Lose Weight

3. I’ve eaten only grapefruit for 10 days straight.

4. I’ve done the “Brown Bread Diet,” where you can eat whatever you want but only brown bread on every alternate day.

5. I’ve done Jenny Craig where I ended up with a healthy dose of bulimia that plagued me for more than 10 years.

6. I’ve done Weight Watchers that felt more like an AA meeting.

7. I’ve been wrapped up like a mummy and then told to walk up a flight of steps to the next floor to lie down and had a bunch of teenage boys laugh hysterically at me through the window from the top floor of McDonalds across the road.

My motivation to lose weight

8. I’ve done “The Cabbage Soup Diet.” Don’t even get me started.

9. I’ve bought those stupid vibrating bands that promise to exercise your muscles whilst you watch TV. Really? How dumb and desperate must I have been???

10. I’ve done Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda – dating myself aren’t I?

11. I’ve tried Naturopathy, Homeopathy & Hypnotherapy.

12. I was so desperate in my 20’s that I even tried Past Life Regression Therapy and was told that in a previous life I was a starving child … Of course! That explained everything!

13. I tried Herbalife until I puked.

My motivation to lose weight

14. I tried “The Cookie Diet.”

15. I tried Diet Pills.

16. I tried Gloria Marshall.

17. Acupuncture

18. Colonic Cleansing … and I could go on and on and on …

In a few words, my motivation to lose weight has seen me try every new one trick pony released on the market.

This time I’m trying something different. I’m trying HONESTY.

My motivation to lose weight, is to admit with all honesty, that deep down I am not happy with myself the way I am, and that perhaps there might be others out there who might want to join me on my challenge.

I am challenging myself to do P90X diligently for the next 90 days, without cheating, and to blog about it honestly every single day.

You may recall a work blog we did forĀ P90X. My husband got some pretty ridiculous results. I didn’t. But my approach was half hearted. I didn’t diet properly, I still drank alcohol, I didn’t exercise every day – I was slack.

This time however is different. This time I will be sharing my journey with you.

And if you want to join me here, please be my guest. I would love to get to know your story.

2012 is the year that I finally commit to myself.

If you would like to commit to yourself too, feel free to come along for the ride!






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