NO Motivation To Lose Weight | Rest and Reflection | Day 49 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

by Erica

motivation to lose weightThe last 24 hours have been really tough on me and my motivation to lose weight is gone and I feel sad. That bounce in my step has gone : (

I overate two nights in a row. This makes me nervous because it reminds me of how my downhill slides have started in the past.

I’ll be good and motivated for a month or two, and then one slip leads to another and then before I know it my head is buried in the cookie jar faster than you can say disaster!

So what when wrong? Everything was going so well. Why the urge to pig out? (At least I pigged out on my healthy treats.)

The starting point was not eating enough during the day and that lead to me have a double serving of natural yogurt and honey, but I woke up the next day fine. No guilt, no worries. Business as usual.

But tonight I couldn’t keep my mind off food. It was distracting.

Then it occurred to me. I haven’t written out my affirmations for three days. My motivation to lose weight is slipping away from me. It doesn’t have the same energy. My focus is missing.

I remember hearing an interview with Formula 1 sensation Mario Andretti and he was asked for his number one success tip to race car driving and he answered, “Don’t look at the wall.” Meaning, as your focus goes, you go.

My focus is not on my goals. My focus has been nowhere for a few days. And that’s where I’ve ended up. Nowhere, floating around aimlessly.

And I’m wondering if this is one reason why we fail at losing weight. Because we fail to focus on our motivation to lose weight.¬†We forget why this is so important and we just let it slide. It’s just so easy when you’re not focused to say, “oh this little treat won’t hurt.” And the truth of the matter is, you’re right. That little treat won’t hurt. But what will hurt is if you allow that little treat to become your wall.

Where is your focus?

This has been an interesting 24 hours. I haven’t liked it. I haven’t liked the way it made me feel. But I created it. So I need to get my focus back on my motivation to lose weight.

How many times do we let small transgressions define us and shape our destiny?

It’s time to pull back on the reins and realize that a small slip is not an avalanche.

So if you’re reading this and you’ve ever beaten yourself up because you “broke your diet” my recommendation to you is that you refocus on your motivation to lose weight, redefine your goals, brush yourself off and just get back on track.

Don’t look at the wall. You don’t want to go there.


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