My Motivation To Lose Weight | Coffee and Weight Loss | Day 34 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

coffee and weight lossThe subject of coffee can be quite controversial so when the subject of coffee and weight loss came up I knew I had to look deeper into this controversial little bean. So let’s delve into coffee and weight loss and see if we can give it the thumbs up or not.

The Cons of Coffee and Weight Loss

For a long time I’ve been put off coffee because of the way it can negatively affect blood sugar levels which in turn affects how we burn fat. Basically caffeine raises blood sugar levels which results in a spike in insulin being released in your blood stream. The insulin is trying to find a way to regulate your blood sugar so the easiest thing for it to do is store the excess sugar as fat.

The other issue too is that elevated blood sugar levels can cause you to crave poor food choices.

Another aspect of coffee and weight loss that I’m not all gung-ho for is the fact that it does have diurretic properties. You’ll lose water weight because of it and that might look great on the bathroom scales (that you should have thrown away by now anyway!) but is not indicative of losing body fat which is what you’re ultimately going for. So remember to keep up your water intake.

The Pros of Coffee and Weight Loss

Coffee and weight loss seem to go together as coffee acts as an appetite suppressant. It’s weird, because as you know I took Diet Pills a while back as a way to suppress my appetite and they didn’t work a darn. I started drinking coffee again after my IBS scare seemed to be a thing of the past, and I noticed that I was no longer ravenous. I didn’t even link it to the fact that I was drinking coffee again until I started doing this research.

Another way that coffee and weight loss are linked together is the fact that coffee has thermogenic properties. Caffeine in coffee has been found to boost your metabolism which allows you to effectively burn off calories. So if you’re burning calories more effectively that means there are less calories being converted and stored as fat.

Coffee and weight loss also seem to do a little tango when it comes to exercise too. Having a quick little espresso or a black coffee before a workout can give you an extra boost of energy and a put a cheeky little bounce in your step. You’ll work out just a little harder, walk a little faster, dance a little longer, therefore burn a little more.

coffee and weight lossSo how much coffee is the right amount?

I would say definitely no more than 3 cups a day. Any more than that and we might have to peel you off the ceiling. Anything in moderation is safe.

And keep in mind that coffee is fat-free, carb-free, calorie-free. So don’t ruin a good thing by adding cream and sugar. A splash of lo-fat milk is all you should be grabbing for.

Now, there is no hard and fast documentation on coffee and weight loss so it’s really a personal choice. For me, however I see enough health benefits to keep enjoying my cup of java without guilt. It’s a #1 source of antioxidants and has many other health benefits as well. Check out a new study by researchers at the University of Scrantan (Pa.)

So what do you think about coffee and weight loss?

Thumbs up – or thumbs down?


Comment below and let me know.