My Motivation To Lose Weight | Kim Kardashian Cellulite Before And After Airbrushing | Day 31 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

kim kardashian celluliteI can’t believe I’m writing about Kim Kardashian and her cellulite. 

But I feel I must because it’s cr@p like this that makes the rest of us run ourselves to death on the ‘dreadmill’ trying in vain to attain the bodies of the women we admire most, when they don’t even have the results we covet.

The only difference is, they have great airbrushers to remove their cellulite, and we don’t!

These photos were taken for an issue of Complex magazine and the website mistakenly posted the “pre-airbrushed” photos instead of the touched up ones. When asked about it Kim said, “So what – I have a little cellulite.” Paris Hilton went so far as to say her cellulite looks like “cottage cheese stuffed in a garbage bag.”

But here’s the thing. So many of us idolize the bodies of the rich and famous, when in fact many of these bodies aren’t real in the first place. So if the rich and famous can only get there by way of Picasso’s Airbrush, why are we killing ourselves to reach an ideal that’s not real?

Wouldn’t it simply be healthier to reach our own ideal?

kim kardashian cellulite

When the gorgeous Jessica Alba has to be airbrushed to perfection, what hope is there for the rest of us if we try and uphold these unrealistic ideals?

So, this is just another example of how we are set up to fail in our quest to get in the best shape of our lives. Some of us will never be a Jessica Alba, or a Jennifer Lopez, or even a Lara Croft for that matter.

But what’s important is that we set realistic goals and simply be the best that we can be.

kim kardashian celluliteKudos to Kate Winslet who in 2003 was livid when she was excessively and unrealistically airbrushed by British GQ. She stated publicly, “I do not look like that, and more importantly, I don’t desire to look like that.”

But it doesn’t stop there … Kitty Couric, Andy Roddick, Faith Hill, Madonna and more have all been massively airbrushed to show a more perfect image. To see more retouching scandals click here.

And who can forget the hoo-haa surrounding the scandalous L’Oreal airbrushing of Julia Roberts and Christie Turlington. Their images were so digitally altered that the advertisements were banned in the UK.

But I’m not done yet. The weight loss industry is the biggest con job of all. How many times have you seen a commercial for the latest diet pill or workout gadget that is guaranteed to get you from the weight you are to a supermodel in just a few weeks?

Yes, I want to believe the results too … but watch this video and see if it doesn’t irk you just a bit.

Mad? Mad enough to believe that you’ve been lied to by an industry that is supposed to be helping you?

I’m not saying they’re all bad. Hey, I’m doing P90X so I can’t possibly say that. But on the whole, the cards are stacked against you.

My one driving passion that keeps me going is that I want to prove that you can get in the best shape of your life by simply eating healthy foods and finding an exercise that you love and look forward to doing.

Yes, other factors do count, but the basics are pretty simple. Eat from a selection of healthy foods designed to fuel your body, and burn calories doing something that you love doing. It’s that simple. Truly. There’s no complicated science to it! The weight loss industry would have you believe it’s complicated – but it’s not.

And if you really want to know how to get rid of cellulite read a post I wrote about it. You can get results for just $8.

If you’ve been maddened before by the lies we are shown in magazines and enjoyed this post that started with a rant about Kim Kardashian and her cellulite … just click ‘like’.

My Motivation To Lose Weight | Lose Weight With A Secret Italian Ingredient | Day 30 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

lose weightIt took me a long time to realize that I was missing a secret ingredient in my quest to lose weight. The Italians knew about this ingredient. They cook with it every day. No Italian meal would ever be created without it. Do you know what it is?

The secret missing Italian ingredient you need to lose weight, is LOVE.

I don’t know how many times I’ve thrown food down my throat, with very little thought about it’s preparation, it’s origins or even it’s content. Food for so many years was a source of anything but nutrition and enjoyment. It was a means to an end.

But it wasn’t until just recently when I read an article about how the Italians cook with love, that I understood that food could be so much more. From the selection and handling of food, to the preparation and presentation of food, to the consumption of food, the Italians are passionate about their food. Food is always a cause of celebration, of bringing family members together, and is always mixed with fun and laughter.

Casanova himself was reported to have said, “Sex is like eating and eating is like sex.”

Need I say more on the subject of food and love?

Now practicality must intervene. We can’t host an Italian Festival whenever we want to eat. But there are a few little things we can do to spice up our relationship with food and help us lose weight as well.

lose weightFor starters, choose your food with love at the supermarket.

When you’re in the vege section, don’t just grab any old vegetable. Really look for the most attractive foods you can find. Turn them over, inspect them. Make sure they are worthy of your dinner plate.

When you’re preparing your food, be calm and think loving thoughts.

I know a few dinners I’ve prepared in anger were about as tasty as a pair of old boots. Food seems to know when it’s being loved or not. Think Jamie Oliver NOT Gordon Ramsay.

Present your food lovingly.lose weight

For some reason it just tastes better. My Mum always says that the success of a meal is in the presentation. And it’s so true. Don’t slap your food together like a dog’s breakfast. Put some love into it. It really doesn’t take that much imagination to make your food look beautiful.

And lastly, slow down and enjoy your food.

When was the last time you actually tasted your food? And I mean really tasted your food.

One of the reasons why you lose weight when eating in this way, is that when you slow down to savor your food, your stomach as a chance to signal you when you’re starting to feel full. When you eat too fast, your stomach doesn’t have a chance to keep up with your fork so it can only send you a message when you’re stuffed! And this doesn’t help you lose weight.

So add a little love to your food. You’ll be amazed how this one simple ingredient can help you lose weight.

Gotta run and do Yoga!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. If you’re wondering what this post is all about, you’ll need to start at the beginning on Day 1. That post explains my crusade here.

Hope to see you again :  )



My Motivation To Lose Weight | Lose Weight With Cinnamon | Day 28 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

lose weight with cinnamon
Lose Weight With Cinnamon

Do you know you can lose weight with cinnamon? And no, I am not talking about Cinnamon Buns!

You can lose weight with cinnamon but adding it to your Skim Milk Cappuccino, or mix it in with your Lo-Fat Natural Yogurt and Honey. Wherever you like a dash of cinnamon, just add it and know that it’s helping you lose weight.

Cinnamon has been used for centuries to heal a host of ailments including bloating, indigestion and diarrhea.

But for the purpose of this post you can also lose weight with cinnamon because of the way it affects your blood sugar levels. It actively lowers your blood sugar levels whilst increasing your insulin levels which increases the metabolism of glucose.

The most exciting thing that you’ll notice straight away is that cinnamon reduces your sugar cravings. And if you don’t have any sugar cravings it makes it that much easier to avoid the sugary things that tempt you and sabotage your motivation to lose weight.

Another way you lose weight with cinnamon is that it affects the way you metabolize sugar in your system and actually stops it being converted to fat! How incredible is that?

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Another way you can lose weight with cinnamon is that it slows down the process of food leaving your stomach so you get a fuller feeling faster, and it lasts longer.

But that’s not even the best part! Do you want to know what the really great thing about cinnamon is???

Studies reveal that cinnamon is a very pro-active ingredient in fighting belly fat! (For more belly fighting foods read “Vegetables That Will Help Get Rid Of Belly Fat”)

So, do you need any more reasons to add cinnamon to your shopping list?

I promise you, there are so many healthy, natural ways you can lose weight and keep it off forever by adopting a whole new approach to weight loss.

The diet industry have got it wrong. They don’t have your best interests at heart. They only have their own interests at heart. How many diets have you been on? Can you tell me how many calories there are in a banana? Is that how many diets you’ve been on? Me too. And none of them worked long term. Why? Because diets don’t work. Common sense is the best diet you can get.

My 90 day challenge is about proving that you can get in the best shape of your life, without dieting, without watching your calories, without weighing yourself and without measuring yourself.

I am documenting every step of my journey and at the end of it I will prove that losing weight and keeping it off forever will come down to the right motivitation to lose weight and finding an eating plan and an exercise plan that you love and look forward to. I know there are more factors that come into play. Believe me – I know all the factors. I’ve been dieting for 33 years, (you can see my list here) so I know the hurdles. But I also now know how to overcome them

Join me here as I blog daily about my journey, and share with you tips and insights that may help you on your journey to getting into the best shape of your life, once and for all.

Here’s to your success. You know you deserve it :  )

P.S. If you have any of your own diet secrets to share, spill the beans below. We all need to know.

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My Motivation To Lose Weight | IBS Is Not Sexy | Day 26 of P90X 90 Day Challenge


IBS is not sexy! It’s so embarrassing that we don’t even call it by it’s full name. It’s so debilitating that 70% of people who suffer from it don’t even report it. And what’s shocking to learn is that one in five Americans suffer from IBS. That’s a LOT of pain right there.

The reason I want to talk about this today, is because IBS is part of my motivation to lose weight.

You see in August of 2011 I was rushed to hospital with suspected internal bleeding. I had suffered in silence for over 6 months. I knew something was very wrong with me. It wasn’t uncommon to go to the bathroom 16-20 times a day. Sometimes 5 times in 5 minutes. It was excrutiating. Forget long walks. If there wasn’t a bathroom within a 2 minute distance from me I wouldn’t venture anywhere. My poor husband. He was so supportive.

So what on earth does this have to do with my motivation to lose weight now you might be asking?

Well, I had to take a good hard look at my diet and work out which foods were triggering IBS. I discovered that all the things I loved were making me sick. My spicy Indian Curries, Bread, Pasta, Ice Cream, Coffee, Red Meat and Alcohol.

I took a look at all the things that were making me so miserable, and made a decision to quit cold turkey. It wasn’t easy to give it all up initially. But I knew there was no price I could put on my health. To be running to the bathroom 16-20 times a day for the next 40 years was not an option. Plus it could escalate into something worse and …. I don’t even want to think about that.

So in a way, giving it all up WAS easy.

I mention this today, because as I look around my kitchen I’m surrounded by temptation. Fluffy white bread rolls and yummy Nutella, a staple weekend breakfast of the past. But as I gaze at the fluffly white bread rolls they don’t call out to me like they used to. I associate the pain of my illness to them and all desire is dashed with one memory of what it was like to suffer with IBS.

Do you remember when Kate Moss got into a lot of hot water when she said, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels?” I don’t know why it caused such a stir because she wasn’t the first to quote that. I’d heard it in weight loss centers since the ’80’s.

What she meant was, nothing you eat will ever make you feel as good, as how you feel when you look your best. That’s all. She wasn’t promoting anorexia. It’s not her fault she’s a delicious freak of nature who can look so fabulously gaunt without trying. Some people are naturally skinny. The media should get over themselves and just get real for a minute. There will always be naturally thin people in this world. I know I won’t ever be one of them. But I do know I can get in the best shape of my life. I won’t be skinny. But I will be voluptuously fabulous, lean and mean – just like my idol Lara Croft :  )

My wish for you is that if you suffer from IBS please read up on how you can cure yourself. I finally committed to blood tests for parasites and what not and they couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until I heard the word IBS (I didn’t even know what that meant 6 months ago) and I started reading up on it that I decided to cure myself.

I am better now and to this day I don’t touch red meat and I’m totally gluten free. The curries are a thing of the past and flour and sugar don’t exist in my world. I actually think that being gluten free is enabling me to shed weight and feel great. Just look at Novak Djokovic. He’s gluten free and he attributes his #1 status in part to his diet.

Now I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but it was enough to turn me around and get my diet right. Suffering from IBS helped me see the light. My diet was destroying me. So part of what keeps my motivation to lose weight so strong is that I don’t ever want to go back to the bad eating habits that made me so sick.

If you want a good quick read on IBS click this link.

I hope you found this post useful.

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To hear how my journey began this link will take you to my first post.


My Motivation To Lose Weight | If You Ever Needed A Reason To Give Up McDonald’s | Day 25 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weight
Meat Patties Not Fit For Human Consumption

If your passion for McDonald’s stands between you and your motivation to lose weight, you need to read this. It will literally make you sick!

According to MSNBC, “McDonald’s has announced that, as of last August, they have moved away from using ammonium hydroxide in its food preparation in the United States. MSNBC reports that the food giant has stopped using the filler product which is also used in fertilizers, household cleaners and home made explosives.”


Basically, McDonald’s uses “inedible meat” and packages it in a nice sugary bun, slopped with sweet pickles and ketchup so you’ll never know the difference.

GO HERE NOW and see for yourself, but make sure you’ve got a strong stomach!

I am vehemently opposed to the toxic products that end up in our food and ultimately make us sick, despondent, lethargic, obese and miserable. My rule is, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you shouldn’t be eating it.

If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off forever, you’ve got to kick the junk food to the curb. It’s not OK to put rubbish in your body. It’s the wrong fuel. No wonder you feel like cr@p sometimes. If there’s cr@p in your food, and you are what you eat – what are you? Yep. Cr@p!

So please, I beg you … if you have not done so already … go to the pantry and the refrigerator and get rid of the junk that’s keeping you trapped in a body that can’t lose weight even if it wanted to. You’ve got to give it a chance to release the toxic waste that has been building up over the years.

But the good news is, it doesn’t take too long for the changes to take effect.

I’ve spent nearly 30 days eating only chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, lo-fat dairy products such as milk and natural yogurt and gluten-free bread and I’m starting to feel energized again. It’s like my body is waking up out of a deep funk!

So please, find your motivation to lose weight and just get rid of the junk food.

We’ll talk about food plans later, but the greatest gift you can give yourself right now is the gift of healthy foods that will nourish your body.

My philosophy is simple, “If God didn’t make it – don’t eat it” and find an exercise that you love to do. Throw away the scales, the tape measure, the calorie counter and just go natural and take it one day at a time.

I’m on a 90 day challenge to prove that it can be done – without all the drama and strict rules and regulations that go along with traditional diets. I’m going to prove that you CAN lose weight naturally, and keep it off forever!

And then I’m going to show you exactly HOW I did it and show you that YOU can do it too!

If you have any questions about your weight loss journey, please leave a comment below.






My Motivation To Lose Weight | I Weighed 673lbs | Day 24 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weight
Melissa Morris dropped 500lbs!

My motivation to lose weight has just found a new hero.

This post is for anyone who has ever said the following:

“It’s too hard!”

“I can’t do this!”

“It’s taking too long!”

“This will never work!”

I want to introduce you to Melissa Morris.

At her heaviest she weighed 673lbs. She made a decision that she wasn’t going to live like this anymore. Her massive motivation to lose weight came when she discovered her weight prevented her from seeing her mother in hospital. She made a decision to lose weight. She said she’ll lose it – or  die trying.

Click this link to hear her story.

Melissa’s journey was a courageous one.

If you haven’t found your motivation to lose weight, take comfort knowing that if Melissa Morris can go from 673lbs to goal weight, then you can too. It just takes a decision that you will not accept this anymore!

Find your motivation to lose weight, then join me on my journey to discover a healthier way to lose weight that does not involve counting calories, or weighing yourself on the scales or following a ridiculous regimented diet that simply leaves you craving for everything you’ve given up. Follow me as I unlock a new way to lose weight and most importantly keep it off forever.

If you’re new here and you want to see where I started, check out my first post.

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And remember, losing weight is not a race, it’s a journey. And that journey is called your life.





My Motivation To Lose Weight | How To Really Measure Your Results In 5 Steps | Day 23 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weightMy motivation to lose weight is to look like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider at the end of 90 days. Ridiculous I know … but hey … nothing beats a failure than a try I say. BTW this is the picture I have on my refrigerator door.

But here’s the thing … how do you measure your results along the way without sabotaging your motivation to lose weight?

I can’t tell you how many times my day has started with the dreaded walk to the bathroom scales to see if the needle is feeling friendly towards me that day. I can’t tell you how many binges have been brought on by the bathroom scales giving me not-so-friendly  results.

My attitude was, “well what does it matter? I haven’t lost any weight anyway!” And off I’d go on my merry way to the Cream Buns, Custard Squares, Tim Tam’s, Mallow Puffs, Dorito’s and Ben & Jerry’s. I would devour everything in site, delirious in my sugar high, only to crash a few hours later feeling totally disgusted with myself, despondent and devoid of any motivation to lose weight ever again.

So why oh why do we put ourselves through the torture of weighing ourselves? Surely there must be a better way to measure our results that doesn’t destroy our motivation to lose weight. And I believe I’ve come up with a few.

The next time you feel tempted to jump on the scales or grab a tape measure I want you to try some of these measures instead.

1) The Clothes Test

Grab a pair of jeans, or a skirt or anything with a waistband and see how it fits now. Do a twirl in front of the mirror and look for changes in how your clothes fit. Not only will your motivation to lose weight soar, but so will your spirits when you see your progress.

2) Rate Your Jiggle Factor

I have a little thing I do in front of the mirror. I jump up and down and gauge the degree to which my stomach jiggles. In the beginning I had a ripple that looked like a tidal wave in slow motion. Now it’s starting to look like a respectable small swell. As you  know my motivation to lose weight is to look like Lara Croft. There’s no jiggle there. So that keeps me focusssed. When there’s no more jiggle, I’ve reached my goal.

3) How High Can You Jump?

motivation to lose weight
Twisted Half Moon

Now if you read my post from Day 2 on my challenge, I just wanted to puke. I can’t jump. Well, 21 days ago I couldn’t jump. Today I was leaping in the air like I had turbo boosters on the soles of my shoes. I was LEAPING! It was quite extraordinary.

Now jumping may not be the measure for you.

But maybe you notice that you’re walking a little faster, or you’re jogging further than you did in the beginning or maybe you can do Twisted Half Moon pose in Yoga without breaking a hip.

Whatever your physical activity is that you enjoy doing, just notice if it’s getting a little easier, or you’re doing it a little better.

4) How’s Your Sweet Tooth?

The biggest change I had to make to my diet was to get rid of sugar. Completely.

I allow myself a tablespoon of honey a day and that seems to satisfy my sweet tooth. Also I use Stevia in my Green Tea which is a fabulous Sports Drink by the way. Forget Gatorade. If you want energy to sustain you during a work out, chill 4 cups of a fruit flavored Green Tea. It’s delicious and it gets you pumped.

But it seems as if all my food cravings have gone. I look forward to my healthy choices. Remember, my diet plan is pretty simple. “If God didn’t make it – don’t eat it.” 

So do a checkup from the neck up and ask yourself how you feel about your food cravings? Are they all but gone?

As soon as you start to wean yourself off toxic man-made foods, you’ll notice that you naturally crave healthy foods. I love my chicken and my fish and my fruits, nuts and vegetables. I can’t get enough of them. I’ve come a LOOOOOONG way to be able to say that.

But my motivation to lose weight is so strong this time, that I committed to throwing away the junk for 90 days. Have you?

5) What’s Your Happiness Meter At Today?

motivation to lose weightI think this is the most important measure of all and the best way to keep your motivation to lose weight solid.

How are you? Do you have an inner glow? Is there a bounce in your step? Do you feel happier today than you did before you started your journey to getting into the best shape of your life? Do you feel GOOD about yourself? Because if you do, then that’s the best measure of all. Wouldn’t you agree?

You can’t put a price on happiness.  And sadly, happiness can be robbed from you quicker than you can say Krispy Kreme.

So do yourself a favor, next time you want to measure your weight loss success, consider the above 5 steps before anything else. They matter more. They truly do.

This is a journey – not a race!

Take your time, learn your lessons and make this transition permanent.

Have you found your motivation to lose weight yet?

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My Motivation To Lose Weight | 9 Courses And Still On Track | Day 22 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weightI talk a good talk about my motivation to lose weight and how important it is to stay the course. But I fully respect how easy it is for the wheels to come off.

My  motivation to lose weight took on a massive challenge tonight.

My husband and I were invited to dine at a speciality restaurant that is prized for it’s 9 course Degustation Menu with Wine Pairing. My heart sank when I heard of the invitation for a couple of reasons.

Obviously the first reason was because I knew that it would be so hard to resist all the exotic concoctions available on the menu and all paired with exquisite wines.

But secondly and more importantly, I know that sometimes other people find it awkward to dine with people who have, shall we say, “special dietary needs.” I know how annoying it is to sit with someone who only picks at a lettuce leaf all night long.

So how was I going to enjoy such an evening, stick to my game plan and not make other people feel uncomfortable in the process?

Well the first thing I did was ring ahead and ask if it was possible to only have white meat. “Not a problem!”

The second thing I did was determine in advance that I was going to have such a great time, and be so witty and conversational that no-one would even notice that I was only sipping sparkling mineral water.

So I went in with the right attitude.


And I think this is half the battle, wouldn’t you agree?

I have challenged myself to get in the best shape of my life. And my motivation to lose weight needs to be stronger than any temptation that crosses my path. It has to be. Life will always get in the way. Half the reason we fail with diets is that they are so regimented and difficult to maintain when life throws a party, or a dinner or a picnic! It’s going to happen … so have a game plan in hand for when it does, and commit to having a great time.

So how did the dinner go? Superbly, thanks for asking :  )

First course: Two Jumbo Oysters from the Marlborough Sounds. Ooooh – so good!

Second course: Two thin slices of Big Eye Tuna

Third course: A smidge of Snapper Fillet

Fourth course: Scampi in a Seaweed Roll

Fifth course: Organic Free-Range Chicken

Sixth course: A Medley of Pork

Seventh course: An offering from the Cheese Trolley

Eight course: Chilled Watermelon Soup

Ninth course: A Chocolate Fondue that I could only gaze at with lust.

All paired with a different glass of bubbles, wine, port and after dinner drinks.

Now if my motivation to lose weight can stand up to all of that … we are making serious progress here.

And this is the message I leave you with on day 22 of my 90 day challenge:

I don’t know what your reasons are for getting into the current state you’re in. But I do know if you’re reading this blog, then you’re reaching out for help in one way or another. My journey here is about finding ways to break the patterns that keep us stuck in our vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and finding a way for us all to lose weight once and for all, keep it off and never diet again.

My philosophy is simple. Throw away the scales, the tape measure, the junk food in the pantry and the refrigerator, the diet books, the calorie counters and anything else that is related to the traditional methods of losing weight.

Instead, find a motivation to lose weight that is stronger than that which you cherish most. Form an eating plan around the concept of “If God didn’t make it – don’t eat it!”And lastly, find an exercise that gets you pumped!

P90X 90 day challengeAnd the reason behind my philosophy is simple. If you can get back to nature and wean yourself off of our toxic, chemically laden and treated foods, you’re going to FEEL BETTER! When you FEEL BETTER you’re going to see the world in a different light. When you FEEL BETTER you’re going to WANT to move your body more. When you find an exercise that you enjoy doing, there’s an excellent chance you’re going to keep doing it. And before you know it, you’re looking gorgeous, you’re healthy and most importantly you’re HAPPY. Probably for the first time in a long time. If losing weight is really important to you, you MUST find your own motivation to lose weight and hold it sacred above all temptations.

This is what I want for you:

I want you to get to a place where you leap out of bed in the mornings, thank God for all your blessings, nurture your body with life giving foods and bound out the door with a spring in your step as if you’re walking on sunshine. You deserve that. Don’t you?

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P.S. This journey started with one blog. CLICK HERE and you’ll understand what this 90 day challenge is all about. Diets don’t work. So this time I’m doing it all natural. No calorie counting, no bathroom scales, no tape measures, just healthy eating, doing exercises I enjoy and making my 90 day challenge fit around my life, not the other way around.



My Motivation To Lose Weight | Rest & Reflection | Day 21 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weight
Rest & Reflection

Sunday is always a great day to look back on the week that has passed and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

It’s been 3 weeks since I started my challenge and I notice it’s all getting a little easier.

I think the greatest realization for me was discovering that I’m starting to really enjoy Yoga. I can do things with my body that I couldn’t do 3 weeks ago. I’m more supple and graceful than when I first started.

Also I suffer from sciatica which can be quite debilitating. Well … it’s gone. I don’t believe in coincidences so I can only put it down to Yoga. If you missed that post check out “Yoga For Weight Loss” and see if there are any ailments you suffer from that might benefit from Yoga.

And I found a deeper inner strength that I didn’t know existed. My motivation to lose weight reaches right down to my core. It’s not wishy washy like it used to be. It’s deeply rooted in something almost greater than myself.

I feel as if for the first time ever, I am living my life on purpose. I am sharing a very personal journey, very publicly in the hope that I might reach just ONE person who has ever felt humiliated, defeated, shamed, insecure, self-loathing, disgusted, desperate, unworthy or unloved because of issues regarding weight. If I can reach just one person with my message and get them on the right track once and for all, then this is all worth it.

If you haven’t found your motivation to lose weight I need you to watch Will Smith sharing his secrets of success. It’s so powerful. Sometimes you just need to dig deeper than you’ve ever dug before to find a motivation to lose weight that is INVINCIBLE.

Losing weight really isn’t that hard. The hard part is in making a DECISION and then STICKING to that decision – NO MATTER WHAT! Please watch this video.

My favorite line from Will Smith is, “This is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it.”

Find your motivation to lose weight and do not let ANYTHING stand in your way! You deserve to be happy. You deserve be healthy. You deserve to live the life of your dreams.


My Motivation To Lose Weight | Get Rid Of Cellulite for $8 | Day 20 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

 I promise you, you CAN get rid of cellulite for just $8 … read on …

get rid of cellulite
No-one is immune from cellulite

Cellulite is a term used to describe the orange peel effect we get under our skin around our butts and thighs mostly. It can be caused by crash dieting, not drinking enough water to flush toxins, smoking, not getting enough exercise, diuretics, diet pills, hormones and just plain genetic fate.

Call me nasty but I always feel a little better when I know stars can be afflicted with the same problems I have. So if you have cellulite and you want to get rid of cellulite, just know you’re in good company.

There are many expensive cellulite treatments out there claiming to get rid of cellulite forever. Some quite scary and invasive, and some as simple as rubbing special potions of secret ingredients on your affected areas. In my opinion they’re all just fake promises in a bottle. I know because I’ve tried most of them and none of them worked. More of my hard earned money down the drain.

That was until I spent $8 on one revolutionary tool that has changed the appearance of my rocky road thighs – hopefully forever.

Now here comes the disclaimer. This didn’t happened in 20 days. This is something that I started doing a year ago. Now keep something in mind, everything I’m sharing with you here is designed to get you in the best shape of your life FOREVER … not just for a few weeks until you yo-yo back to your past behaviors.

There are no quick fixes here and if you’re looking for one I must encourage you to work through this idea that there are any quick fixes to weight loss. There aren’t any. But the diet industry makes billions of dollars a year encouraging you to believe there are.

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So what is my $8 cure to get rid of cellulite? I bought a dry brush and brushed myself like a jockey rubs down his horse! I’m not kidding!

Here’s how it works.

get rid of cellulite
The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system. It’s basically a huge drainage system that carries a clear fluid called lymph towards the heart. It works to help your body eliminate toxins.

In this diagram you get an idea of the path of the lymphatic system. I’m oversimplifying a lot here, but I want to keep it simple for a reason: weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated!

The lymphatic system has no pump. It relies on you breathing and moving around to move lymph through the body. So if you’re not very effective at this, you can get swelling which can lead to the orange peel effect under your skin.

So to get rid of cellulite, invest in a natural bristle brush.

The technique is pretty simple. Brush your body in short, light upward strokes from the bottom of your feet, up your legs brushing every part up to your heart. Then raise each arm above your head and brush in short, light, downard strokes towards your arm pit.

Then take a warm shower and if you can manage, finish off with cool water at the end.

And that’s how you get rid of cellulite for $8!


Now it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen because it did for me.

I would encourage you to read up on lymphatic drainage because there are many other health benefits related to it. I have only superficially covered it here relating to how you can get rid of cellulite.


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