Need Motivation To Lose Weight | Feeling Fat and Frumpy | Day 64 of 90 Day Challenge

Feeling fat is such a blow to one’s self esteem.

feeling fat and frumpyI just don’t get it. How is it that you can feel so good about yourself one day and the next day you look in the mirror and think ‘what on earth went wrong?’

You go from not needing to lie on the bed to get your jeans on, to not even bothering trying and heading straight for the fat pants. You know the ones I mean right? The cuddly track pants. You don’t even want to know what damage is revealed in the ‘jeans test.’

So how does this happen?

I find it to be one of the 7 wonders of my weird and sometimes woeful world.

But here’s the funny thing. How come I completely forget that I feel fat and frumpy once a month? And how come I forget that I always seem to miraculously bounce back to feeling normal through no extra effort of my own?

And this is something I really need to address with myself.  I give myself such a hard time and can work myself into such a state making myself and others around me miserable. Worse yet, I can use this as an excuse to sabotage my healthy weight loss.

Feeling fat doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve put on weight. It can be as simple as a little fluid retention.

So the next time you’re feeling fat and frumpy try the following:

  • Replace regular salt with healthier Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt to lower your sodium intake (you should do this anyway)
  • Drink more water. Weird I know, but your body could be dehydrated and is holding onto water
  • Try drinking a little coffee or cranberry juice as a natural diuretic
  • If you’re not a fan of coffee try Dandelion Leaf Tea which is a known natural diuretic
  • Add a bit of alfalfa, asparagus and celery to your diet
  • Take a vitamin B6 supplement

So when you’re feeling fat and frumpy, give yourself a break, love yourself and know that this too shall pass.