My Motivation To Lose Weight | Jamie Oliver Loses It! | Day 59 of 90 Day Challenge

jamie oliverJamie Oliver, the charming UK chef famous for revealing pink slime in McDonald’s burgers and campaigning for healthy foods in schools lost it with an Australian reporter.

When asked if he’d gained a few pounds whilst Down Under Jamie Oliver got upset and called him a b!tch! What I find extraordinary about this whole business is not the fact that Jamie Oliver snapped, but the fact that the question was asked in the first place, especially to a chef!

Jamie Oliver by all accounts knows how to eat healthy, does his best to eat healthy and works out a couple of times a week. But he’s a chef for goodness sakes! His whole world revolves around food. A little taste here and there, naturally he’s not going to look like David Beckham. But he’s hardly got a weight problem!

And this is where I take issue. Where do people get off commenting on another person’s weight?

If someone has a big nose do you go up to them and say, “Gee what a big snoz you have. How did that happen?”

Weight is enough of a personal issue without having other people, sometimes complete strangers making offensive comments.

This can lead to permanent psychological scarring.

motivation to lose weightDoes anyone remember Karen Carpenter?

At the age of 16 when she starting gaining attention for her musical talents, someone made a snide comment about her weight saying she was a little chubby.

She went on a controlled diet that eventually lead her into a vicious cycle of anorexia and bulimia.

She was dead by 32 from complications associated with extreme dieting. And it all started with one thoughtless comment.

Why do we see people with weight issues as easy targets?

My emotional scarring occurred when I was 8. I’ll never forget it. I had a crush on a boy and when he found out he told me to leave him alone and his parting words were, “You’re too fat!” I was only 8.

Two years later I was drinking a bottle of Apple shampoo because I’d read this would help me lose weight.

What on earth was I doing dieting at that age? Pure insanity.

I developed a severe eating disorder by the time I was in my late teens that lasted for over 10 years. Probably the most miserable years of my life. One day I’ll talk about it here … but not today.

Did it all start with one snide comment? Who knows?

So to Jamie Oliver I say: “Don’t apologize. You nailed it with your response.”