My Motivation To Lose Weight | Rest And Reflection – No Excuses | Day 42 of P90X 90 Day Challenge

motivation to lose weightWell it’s been 7 weeks now, I’m still on track, my motivation to lose weight is as strong as ever and I have a new mantra: NO EXCUSES!

I’ve stuck to my chosen eating plan which consists of my original mantra, “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it,”  I’ve exercised 6 days per week and I haven’t weighed or measured myself or my food once.

I’m doing this on my terms, my way and I’ve thrown all the diets and diet paraphernalia in the trash. This time around, I’m going natural all the way. No diet scams and no rubbish exercise gadgets.

And the ultimate key to my success this time around is my motivation to lose weight and NO EXCUSES! For the first time ever, I have found a motivation to lose weight that is stronger than any distraction life can throw at me and I am making NO EXCUSES!

And here’s a pearl of wisdom that I’ve learned in the past 7 weeks that I want to share with you.

If you’ve set yourself a goal that you’ll exercise “x” amount per week, whether it be 3 x per week, or 6 x per week, it’s not OK to  miss a day. And here’s why.

When you make an excuse as to why you’re not going to exercise today; it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy or you just don’t feel like it, that excuse is like a small chip in your windscreen. It may not seem like a big deal today. But what happens the next time you just don’t feel quite right and you say, “Oh, I’ll make it up tomorrow.”

What happens is, that chip in the windscreen splinters off just a bit more. And then a few days pass and again, you don’t quite feel like it. Well that small chip in the windscreen is now a lightning bolt blurring everything in sight. And that’s how it is with your exercise.

When you allow yourself to quit just a little bit, it can so easily manifest into failure.

So, it’s not OK to miss a day. NO EXCUSES! You must commit to stick to the goals you’ve set for yourself. No-one can do this for you but YOU!

If you haven’t seen this already you need to watch this.

How bad do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Do you want it bad enough that you won’t let excuses get in your way, or do you only kinda want it? If you only kinda want to get in the best shape of your life, you will never do what it takes to get there.

You see, the stuff worth having takes sacrifice. It’s takes guts, it takes commitment, and it means that sometimes you’re going to have to do stuff you don’t want to do.

Now, I’ve not felt like doing my workout routine every day, 6 days per week. Sometimes I’ve procrastinated so bad that I’ve given myself a migraine with my inner good voice fighting my evil bad voice. But the good voice always prevail because at the end of the day I want this so bad and my motivation to lose weight is invincible and I will not make any excuses!

I have something to prove this time around. I’m going to prove once and for all that diets don’t work and I’m going to prove that by getting in the best shape of my life by NOT dieting.

So follow along with me here as I unlock the REAL SECRETS to losing weight that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know about.

The first thing you need to find however, is an invincible, unstoppable, motivation to lose weight. You have to want this more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. As we progress we’ll work together and discover what truly motivates you and get you moving towards your destiny of being in the best shape of your life.

I promise you, if I can do this, anyone can do this. I’ve been trying to lose the same 50lbs for 33 years and it has kept me more miserable than I can put into words. This journey is for anyone who has ever felt defeated at the hands of the diet industry. There IS a better way to lose weight and keep it off forever. Follow me here … we can do this together. But remember, NO EXCUSES!

P.S. Check out my first blog where I reveal many of my disastrous and sometimes downright humiliating efforts to lose weight. I’ve tried them all plus some!