Motivation To Lose Weight | The Simple Way To Avoid Craving Carbs Like Crazy | Day 53 of 90 Day Challenge

craving carbsAt the end of the day do you find yourself craving carbs like crazy?

Do you find yourself standing in front of the pantry desperately searching for a Cookie Jar or a Reese’s Pieces that might be lurking in a deep, dark magical corner?

Hopefully if you heeded my advice you threw all that rubbish away. So no amount of wishing and wanting is going to make it materialize anyway.

Do you really want to know how to avoid craving carbs like crazy?

You’re going to want to slap me when I tell you, because it really is so ridiculously simple. Actually all of this is ridiculously simple if you allow yourself to believe it to be so.

The way to avoid craving carbs like crazy is …

go to bed before midnight and get up with the sun.


Let me explain. There are two hormones involved here and I call them the “Two Tony’s.” Their correct names are serotonin and melatonin.

Serotonin is your happy hormone and melatonin is your sleepy hormone and they work like a see-saw. As one goes up the other one goes down. And if you interrupt the see-saw you’re going to get grumpy and start craving carbs because you want to FEEL good again.

craving carbsIt works like this. When you wake in the morning and the sun hits your eyes, you experience a surge in your serotonin levels.

Have you ever done Yoga to a sunrise? WOW! What a rush! Every sunrise feels good, but when you see the sun rise as you go into an Upward Dog, that’s something else entirely. Almost better than … but not quite : )

Your elevated serotonin levels carry you through the day. Then gradually as the sun goes down, so too do your serotonin levels. And it’s this gradual drop in your serotonin levels that gets you craving carbs to ‘make you feel good.’

Melatonin is taking over and is trying to get you to sleep. craving carbs

The way to avoid craving carbs is to recognize melatonin’s message to send you to sleep before midnight, therefore getting you up again with a huge surge in serotonin in the morning to energize you through the day.

If you fight this natural see-saw and give in to craving carbs, and stay up after midnight you’re not allowing the natural flow of melatonin through your body. You’ll wake up feeling like you’ve had a big night on the town, need five cups of coffee to get you moving and you’ll feel like you’re a step behind all day.

So the simple thing to do to avoid craving carbs like crazy, is get to bed before midnight, get up as early as you can, get some sun on your face and skip through the day like Daisy Duke! Seriously, I told you it was simple.

And all of this is simple. It really is. Losing weight is about following nature. We’ve just got to get all this junk out of our heads. Stop counting, stop weighing, stop measuring – just get on with living naturally. All the rest will take care of itself. I promise.

Good luck on your journey.

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