My Motivation To Lose Weight | Day 12 of P90X 90 Day Challenge | Where Have My Sugar Cravings Gone?

What’s the ONE thing that always derails your motivation to lose weight?

motivation to lose weight
Ooops I did it again ...

I lose my motivation to lose weight when a combination of cravings and an evil inner voice start to wage a battle with my will power and my good inner voice. So you know what I’m talking about?

I started to think about all the times I’ve failed in the past and lost my motivation to lose weight, and invariably it happened when I had a sugar craving and then my evil inner voice took over and started saying things like, “It won’t hurt, just one bite,” or “It won’t matter in the long run.” But it will hurt and it does matter.

Because giving in to small temptations is the first step in losing your motivation to lose weight. Well, that’s my experience anyway.

So in my self-analysis of my journey during this 90 day challenge, it has come to mind that I HAVE NO SUGAR CRAVINGS. How is that possible? I used to drool over the thought of getting through my dinner just so I could have a spoonful of Nutella at the end. Where has that sugar craving gone?

Well, my memory takes me back to the first serious attempt I made at joining a weight loss group. You may have heard of it – Weight Watchers. I was in England at the time holding down three jobs. I was a chamber maid in the morning, I sold ice cream on the River Thames in the afternoons and I worked in a Fish ‘n’ Chip shop at night. WOW – recipe for health and wellness disastor if I ever saw one.

I left on my big overseas adventure weighing around 140lbs and came back topping the scales at a whopping 202lbs. I was horrified. It was such a gradual process. I didn’t really notice it coming on. But I do recall buying a lot of pants with elastic waist bands.

Anyway, back to my Weight Watchers story. I tried half way through my stint in the UK to lose weight. My motivation to lose weight was unstoppable. THIS TIME I WAS REALLY GOING TO DO IT! I was 17 at the time (I’d been yo-yo dieting for 7 years by this point) and I knew I had a life time of living ahead of me and I wasn’t going to do it fat. Little did I know I would still be battling this in my 40’s!

What I remember most was that my diet consisted of natural yogurt, 1/2 a grapefruit and a packet of All Bran for breakfast. Lunch was lean meat and a salad and dinner was lean meat and veges. I kept this up for at least 3 weeks and I’ll never forget the moment I lapsed and ate a sponge cake. The sugar rush was overwhelming! I felt as high as a kite instantly. And bam! My craving for all things sweet went galactic! I didn’t stand a chance against the power of sugar.

So, what’s happening with me today?

My food plan as you know is, “If God Didn’t Make – It Don’t Eat It.” So Twinkies and Nutella are out. But I am using two forms of natural sweeteners: Honey and Stevia. I drizzle honey on natural yogurt and have that as a dessert and I use Stevia in my Green Tea. I’m thinking that because I’m giving myself small doses of natural sweetness, I have reduced my cravings for sugar. Could this be true? I don’t know, I’m just hypothesizing. But all I know is this, I can’t stop at one chocolate. Something manic takes over me and I have to consume the whole box. But for now – I don’t have ANY cravings for sugar or anything else bad for that matter and my motivation to lose weight is not being challenged by an inner evil voice.

Now, if we could work out how to avoid the cravings do you think that would keep your motivation to lose weight in check and making losing weight easier? I believe so.

So try this out for a few weeks and see if it works for you. Cut out all sugar and replace it with Honey and Stevia.

I have a dream

I have a dream that there will come a time when all those desperate to lose weight to feel better about themselves will never have to follow a stupid diet ever again. I have a dream that all of us who suffer in any way from issues related to weight will have a way to get to their ideal weight without being exploited and let down ever again.

This is my dream.

I have my motivation to lose weight – do you have YOURS yet?

If so, I would love to hear it – leave me a comment below or simply just click ‘like’.


P.S. If you’re new here read “My Motivation To Lose Weight – P90X 90 Day Challenge” to see where it all started.


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